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                    꼶ϲUnit 1
                    1.һƪԸȤ an interesting article about personality
                    2.дţ˵It says             3.ij¸о feel good to do sth. 
                    4.ʹ make sb. do sth.             5.ij˷ij share sth. with sb.  
                    6.Թ eat it up                    7. be  well organized  
                    8.ʹ־Ȼ keep sth. in (good) order       9.ҫ   show off    
                    10.㹻ij be patient enough to do sth.
                    11.Ϊظ﷨repeat grammar rules for us
                    12.һЩµcome up with new ideas
                    13.ijº be curious about doing sth.14.ϲlike asestions
                    15.߼Сʱplay football for hours 16. get angry easily
                    17.ȲҲneither nor.          18.ΪһɫĻmake a good accountant
                    19.˽̸love talking with people
                    20.칤wort speaking all day long
                    21.ij˶ǿµIts terrible for sb. to do sth.
                    22.ԡ  be happy with             23.һλ a born artist
                    impress the whole country with his creative work
                    25.Ӯá߶win high praise from  26.ѰҸõĶsearch for something better
                    27.ƵĹgive up her job as an accountant
                    28.۲work for the sales department   29.ҵһݹin my last job
                    30.ִ򽻵 work with numbers         31.ոһday after day
                    32.˾ܾ the general manager of the company    33.ȵλ take the lead
                    34. fall behind                     35.ӭµսtake on new challenges
                    36.ij give up doing sth.        37.롭connect to
                    38.ܹʦthe chief engineer of the high-speed railway
                    39.͡һֱas good as     40.Ǯʱ䣩cant afford to do sth.
                    41.עÿϸpay attention to every detail 42.עijpay attention to doing sth.
                    43.߱׼ع work to high standards   44.Ƶȷ a pioneer heart surgeon
                    45.ҲԽԽ cant too46.ҡnot onlybut also
                    47.ԸӰӵbe willing to work extra hours  48.ʵ in fact
                    49.do an operation on sb./operate on sb. 50.ѡڡ devote to (doing) sth.
                    51.һƷ a work of art   52.ֺһfind it hard to work with him
                    53.󲿷ʱڹspend most of her time on her work
                    54. ʺ be suitable for the job.       55.ijspenddoing sth
                    56 .ܱ˵Ľ accept others  advice    57.˼ think twice (about sth.)
                    58.    types of personality   59.һλĽʦmake an excellent teacher


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