Welcome to AMDA
                      Your future in the performing arts doesn’t have to be a dream. For over 50 years, AMDA has launched some of the most successful careers in theatre, film and television. AMDA creates industry professionals who don’t just wait for life to happen—they stage their own career path.  Now it’s your turn.
                      Program description
                      At AMDA, we believe a performer must perform. From the first day, you’ll find many performance opportunities in the three core areas of acting, musical theatre and dance, both in and out of the classroom, plus individual voice lessons. Over the course of your four semesters (学期), you’ll also improve your performance technique through an intensive curriculum that focuses on both foundational and advanced concepts in acting, musical theatre and dance. Finally, through courses in career preparation, you’ll learn how to apply all of this training to a successful career on stage and screen.
                      Philosophy and mission
                      AMDA is committed to providing a splendid performing arts education to a diverse community of creative artists. AMDA serves as both school and stage, where students are given the support and opportunity to identify their own personal objectives and to develop and improve their own distinctive artistic voices. AMDA tries to create an environment for students to develop the skills, confidence, imagination, and power to contribute to their community as artists, businesspeople, lifelong learners, and hard-working citizens of the world Above all, AMDA wants to teach students that commitment and passion are the marks of a successful and joyous career.
                      6305 Yucca Street Los Angeles
                      https: //www.amda.edu
                      1.What is the curriculum of AMDA about?
                      A. Drawing. B. Philosophy.
                      C. Performing. D. Photography.
                      2.How long does the course last?
                      A. One semester. B. Two years.
                      C. Three semesters. D. Four years.
                      3.What can students learn in AMDA?
                      A. How to sing beautifully. B. How to train a performer.
                      C. The way to build a stage. D. The way to be a director.
                      1.C  【解析】细节理解题。根据文章第一段中“Your future in the performing arts doesn’t have to be a dream.”可知,课程是关于表演的。故选C。
                      3.A  【解析】细节理解题。根据文章“Program description”部分中“plus individual voice lessons”可知,课程也教授语音课。故选A。
                      The story of Sir Nicholas Winton is the one that you would imagine could only happen on the silver screen. Sir Nicholas Winton was a British man who went to heroic efforts, potentially putting himself at risring World War II. Sir Winton was responsible for ensuring the safety of six hundred and sixty-nine Jewish children by aiding their escape from countries occupied by Nazis. Finally, the Jewish children were brought to England where he worked to mare families in his native country would help the kids by taking them into their homes.
                      Recently, this unbelievable story has again been making the rounds on the Internet, particularly after a rerun of the BBC show called “That’s Life”, which featured Sir Winton. People around the world were moved at the details of the story, with saying it to be the best story they’ve ever seen.
                      Sir Winton kept his entire plan completely secret, even his wife had no idea about his planning until fifty years later. After the war, years passed and many people remained in the dart Sir Winton’s extraordinary achievement. Some fifty years later, his wife Greta was searching in their house and discovered a Winton’s notebook which documented the names of all the children. She worked with BBC and they produced a TV episode (插曲) of their program “That’s Life” that served as an honor for Sir Winton’s work.
                      In 2003, Sir Winton was knighted by the Queen of England for his work. He also was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He also had a small planet named after him by Czech astronomers. Sir Winton died peacefully in his sleep at the old age of one hundred and six, in 2015. Leaders around the world paid tribute (悼念). Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub, said, “He was a hero of our time, having saved 669 Jewish children from Nazis. His story, as a point of light in a period of darkness, will forever be remembered.”
                      1.What happened to the 669 Jewish children?
                      A. They were killed by Nazis.
                      B. They returned to their own homes.
                      C. They fled to their native countries.
                      D. They were raised by English families.
                      2.What made Winton’s story spread widely?
                      A. People’s chatting online.
                      B. The program “That’s Life”.
                      C. His wife’s promotion.
                      D. Praises from some leaders.
                      3.Which of the following can replace the underlined expression “remained in the dark’, in Paragraph 3?
                      A. felt doubtful B. remained moved
                      C. knew nothing D. criticized something
                      4.What do we know about Winton?
                      A. He was born in 1909.
                      B. Nazis tried to arrest him.
                      C. He named a small planet.
                      D. Many children paid tribute to him.
                      【文章大意】文章主要讲述Sir Nicholas Winton在纳粹期间帮助669个犹太孩子逃到英国的故事。如今而且BBC把这一故事搬上荧幕,让大众知道在黑暗时期还有这样一个英雄给人们带来光明。
                      1.D 【解析】细节理解题。根据文章第一段中的“Finally, the Jewish children were brought to 2019译林牛津高考英语一轮导学案:M7U3
                      Leeds Library Calendar
                      Monday 10 April 18:00-20:00
                      Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies — The Gott collection and the Yorkshire Landscape.
                      Nicole Harding taltte Gott collection.
                      Admission: FREE
                      Saturday 6 May 13:00-15:30
                      Members’ Film Club: The Best Actor and Actress Season
                      There Will Be Blood(15) 158 mins.
                      Daniel Plainview (Day Lewis) is a down-and-out silver miner who strikes it rich and becomes an oil tycoon. When he learns of a small oil-rich town in Californis, he moves there with his adopted son. Using his son to project the image of a caring family man, Plainview gains the cooperation of almost all the locals in the town, with promises to help develop their community but over time, Plainview’s gradual accumulation of wealth and power causes his true self to surface.
                      Admission: 3(including a glass of wine).
                      To book please click here.
                      Wednesday 17 May 18:00-20:00
                      Member’s Film Club: The Best Actor and Actress Season
                      Born Yesterday (PG) 116 mins.
                      Judy Holliday plays Billie Dawn, the dumb blonde girlfriend of Harry Brook (Broderick Crawford), a corrupt millionaire junk dealer. Brock, a man with social ambitions, is embarrassed by Billie’s rube behavior, so he arranges for her to take a crash course in culture from a handsome, young journalist (Willian Holden). Billie learns really quicnder his ide and becomes increasingly aware of her role in Brocsiness deals.
                      Admission: 3(including a glass of wine).
                      To book please click here.
                      Thursday 8 June 18:00-20:30
                      Big Book End Event: In Conversation With Candace Robb and Chris Nickson
                      Historian and historical crime fiction author, Candace Robb will be in conversation with historical crime fiction author, Chris Nickson on Thurs 8 June, 7 p.m. at the Leeds Library.
                      Admission: 3
                      To book please click here.
                      1.What film will be shown on 6th May?
                      A. Judy Holliday. B.A Glass of Wine.
                      C. There Will Be Blood. D. Born Yesterday.
                      2.What do we know about Billie Dawn from Born Yesterday?
                      A. She is embarrassed by he bad manners.
                      B. She realizes what to be expected of her.
                      C. She contributes to her family business.
                      D. She admires her course teacher.
                      3.Who will attend Big Book End Event at the Leeds Library?
                      A. Candace Robb. B. William Holden.
                      C. Daniel Plainview. D. Broderick Crawford.
                      【文章大意】本文为一则广告,介绍了四月份到六月份在Leeds Library要进行的四个活动。
                      1.C  【解析】细节理解题。根据第二段可知6 May 要上映There Will Be Blood,故选C。
                      3.A  【解析】细节理解题。根据最后一段Historian and historical crime fiction author, Candace Robb will be in conversation with historical crime fiction author, Chris Nickson on Thurs 8 June, 7 p.m. at the Leeds Library.可知,Candace Robb将要在Leeds Library出席Big Book End Event,故选A。


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